Banana Bread Jun10


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Banana Bread

Delicious banana bread anyone?  Well, I was very excited when Zoe liked my suggestion of baking banana bread for our FatherMoment.  We had 15 super ripe bananas sitting on our counter which allowed us to make five large loaves!  I love to bake!  In fact, over the years I have tried several times, with no success, to get Alicia to bake with me on our date nights.  For some reason the only thing that she ever wants to do is make out!  Oh well, I don’t mind unselfishly making our date nights all about her.

Well, back to my date with Zoe.  It was quite simple.  We started by reading a few stories out of the Friend and then moved into the kitchen to make a little bread.  Zoe was in charge of peeling all of the bananas and then mixing all of the ingredients together.  Like her dad, she had a hard time sticking to the recipe and ended up adding a few chocolate chips to the mix.  In the end the bread turned out perfectly and the whole family enjoyed the goods for the next several days.  I love my little Zoe and cherished the time with her!