Banana Art Mar08


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Banana Art


When is the last time you created art on a banana?  Well, that is exactly what Aspen and I did for our date this morning!

DonutFor our morning devotional we watch a video about an LDS family from Russia who slowly got more active in the church Banana-Startas the made a goal to get married in the temple.  It led to a nice discussion later that Aspen and I had as we were driving to the store to buy bananas.  We talked about faith with an emphasis on how it is a prinicple of action.  Aspen has been reading the Book of Mormon all by herself and is almost through the book of Mosiah.  I love that she is doing this and I really hope that I can help all of my kids develop and continue this habit throughout their lives.

While we were at the store we decided to pick up some donuts.  Aspen is so sweet and wouldn’t ever consider buying a donut for just herself.  She made sure that we bought enough for the others kids to have as well.

Banana-FinishAs we drove home Aspen told me a lot of interesting Bananas-Finalfacts about Mother Theresa, who Aspen just did a report on for her school.  She loves learning and doing her school work.  I hope this sticks!

Once we got home we picked out and printed off some images that we wanted tatooed on our bananas.  Aspen went with the Cat in the Hat and I went with Snoopy.   The process of making the banana art is as easy and taping the pictures onto the banana and then using a pin to poke little holes whereever you want black to appear.  It is a little tedious but it doesn’t take that long.

When all was said and done I think that they turned out great.