Baking Jun15


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Well, life continues to be very crazy as we are in our final week of a school semester as well as adjusting to having a newborn at nights.  Nonetheless, Scotland and I were able to have a wonder little FatherMoment this morning along with little Lola who decided to wake up early.

We started with a mini devotional and then made our way into the kitchen were we made some of our famous banana bread.  This time we make mini loaves because we had plans to give them to our neighbors.  We live in an amazing neighborhood with incredible people.  Since we had brought Cooper home we have enjoyed wonderful meal brought in my our neighbors for the first two weeks during the weekdays when I am gone.  We had a stack of their dishes on our counter that we were able to give back to them along with a little loaf of banana bread as a small way of saying, “Thank you!”

It was fun having Lola around because of her bright personality.  I really enjoy watching Scotland with her because she is a little fireball who often torments Scott by taking his things or wacking him in the face with something hard.  He is very patient and doesn’t ever lose his temper with her.  Come to think of it, Scotland endures a lot being sandwiched between Zoe and Lola.  Both of them have a special way of making Scott’s life a challenge.  We are lucky that his nature is so patient and loving.

With Lola around we created a little assembly line.  For example, Lola would pick up an egg, pass it to Scott, who would then pass it to me.  They were both really cute and the bread turned out perfectly!