Bad Planning Nov11


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Bad Planning

He who fails to plan, plans to fail!  This is a difficult lesson for me to learn.  I woke Chase at 5:00 AM, and we decided that we were going to head over to the church and play a little soccer.  Chase just started his Futsol season and playing on a basketball court would be good practice for him.  We were both really excited for this!  It took us a little time to round up Chase’s soccer ball, but we ended up finding it floating in our pond.  As a side note, it just so happens that we found one of our chickens floating in our pond just yesterday.  I am saving the dead chicken for our upcoming family home evening lesson on resurrection.  We have invited some good neighbors, the Becksteads, to come and join us and I think their children will benefit from a visual lesson. 

Anyway, as we were heading over to the church, I realized that I didn’t have my keys.   I tried getting a hold of my Young Men’s President who had borrowed them, but he was still in bed.  Our next plan was to go and play racquetball, but we were stifled in our efforts because all of the courts had already been reserved.  So, after considering some early morning Christmas shopping and breakfast at Denny’s, we ended up falling back on a plan to return home and play the Wii.

Now, I would much rather get out and do something that feels more productive, but we had a nice little morning, nonetheless.  We read from the Bible this morning, in the book of Matthew, about when the priests and people plotted to kill Jesus and took him to Pontius Pilate.  It was the chapter when Judas committed suicide.  He must of been having a bad day.  Anyway, because of the nature of video games, this morning wasn’t all that meaningful.  Nonetheless, it was fun to be with Chase, and I know that he likes to play on the Wii.

We played three matches of tennis and he actually beat me!  I couldn’t believe it… my 9-year-old boy was victorious!  I swore revenge and will have to justify a little Wii time on Saturday just to regain my honor.  We then went on to play a 9-hole round of golf where I ruthlessly smoked him in an attempt to reestablish my position as the alpha male in the home.  Upon winning I also felt it was necessary to make a lot of noise, dance around the room, and flex my muscles in his face.  Being a role model of manhood is a lot of work, but it is worth it because I know it will bless his life, and that one day, with tears in his eyes, Chase will thank me.