A Sweet Day Feb17


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A Sweet Day

There were three things sweet about this morning’s FatherMoment: Donuts, Lots of candy, and Being with my Zoe Lynn!  We started by watching a video with an awesome story.  It was about a 13-year-old boy who competed in a triathlon while towing, pulling, and pushing his friend with cerebral palsy.  Inspiring!

A few weeks back I gave Zoe a gift card to Walmart because I saw her going the extra mile with a job that she had been given.  I was proud of her and wanted to positively reinforce her hard work.  This morning, she wanted to go and use her gift card.  Today happens to be my 11 year anniversary, so on the way to the store I was able to tell Zoe how much I love being married, and how much I love Alicia.  Zoe blushes when I tell her things like this.  We also talked about her future marriage, which is a big deal, because just last year Zoe would always say, “I am NOT getting married”.  For some reason she is extremely shy around boys, and the thought of leaving our home to go and live with a boy does not sound too good to her.  Nonetheless, this morning, she was open to the idea of one day getting married.  Maybe she won’t end up with 7 cats after all!

As we were driving we made the decision to head down to Orem’s Walmart since it is next to a Krispy Kreme restaraunt.  As we arrived at Walmart there were a hundred ideas of what Zoe could buy that quickly were dismissed as Zoe’s eyes caught hold of the huge display of Valentines clearance candy.  50% off at Walmart equates to a great deal!  The good thing is that Zoe is quite decisive (unlike some of her siblings).  She quickly picked out some great treats.  The part that I loved was that Zoe, on her own, made the decision that she wanted to pick a treat for each of her siblings.  Selfishness is a hard thing to overcome in this life, so it did my heart good to see her being charitably.

After selecting her candy, we headed back to the dairy section to get some milk that we would be able to take with us to Krispy Kreme to wash down their donuts.  Chocolate milk versus Strawberry milk was a tough choice for Zoe.  We checked to sugar content and decided to go with the strawberry since it has more sugar.

Next stop was at Krispy Kreme where we each got got two donuts to go with the free glazed donut that comes with every purchase.

When we got home, Zoe gave the rest of the kids the treats that she had bought them.  She also gave away one of her uneaten donuts to little Lola.  Once again it was great to see her so willing and happy to share.  It made for a sweet morning!


Zoe is a sweet girl and I love her!