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1st Date


Lola is now officially enrolled in the FatherMoment dates!  Today was Lola’s 3rd birthday and she has been so excited for her first date.

WakeupI snuck into her room early and snapped some pictures of her trying to wake up at the early hour.  It was bad timing for her that her first date was the day after Independence Day because she was up late last night.Devotional

Since this was her first date I made sure that we had a nice little devotional where we watched a little movie about the pre-mortal existence and the grand council in heaven.

For our date Lola wanted to go and get a blue donut since that is her favorite color.  I decided to drive her to Krispy Kremes where she would be able to watch the donuts being made.  We chatted the whole drive down and she kept giving me big smiles as I talked with her.Eating

Lola loved being able to watch the donuts be made DonutsLineand was excited to be able to pick two donuts covered in blue sprinkles.  Alicia and I have cut sugar out of our diet so I actually passed on the sweets this morning.  As she ate her donuts we talked about her “powers”.  For those who don’t know Lola has great powers such as the ability to freeze things and light things on fire.  She also claims that she is a boy.  She relates best to the Incredible Hulk, but answers to Spiderman.  For her birthday gift we bought her two light sabers so that she can fight monsters and anyone who dares engage in a little swordplay with her.

She is the cutest little thing and a great blessing in our family.  I loved my morning!