$100 – Zoe Nov08


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$100 – Zoe

TogetherThe holiday season is here and Zoe and I got a great start!

ShoesZoe actually wanted to play racquetball this morning, but we were unable to get a court.  So, since Christmas is right around the corner we decided to go and spend some cash.  I gave Zoe a $100 budget that she could use to get everyone in the family presents.  Credit-Card

We started our date with a little devotional and then jumped in the car.  We went to Walmart with the plan of getting some breakfast at their in-store McDonalds, where we would be able to brainstorm some good gift options; however, it was closed and we forced to dive right into the shopping.

Little Lola loves super heroes and we were hoping to get some clearance Halloween costumes for her Christmas gift, but all that was in stock were “girly” costumes that Lola wouldn’t be interested in.

SunriseOf course, Zoe was instantly drawn towards the nice end-cap display of Monster High dolls.  This is her current craze!

It is a little hard to blog about our FatherMoment dates when we go shMcDonaldsopping for Christmas gifts since I have to keep everything a secret.  I am not allowed to take pictures of the actual presents, nor am I allowed to write about them.  I will say that I was super impressed with the thoughtful gifts that she picked.

As we were leaving Walmart we enjoyed a nice little sunrise that we stopped to grab a picture of.

Zoe did extremely good this morning and was able to get something for everyone and completely finish her Christmas shopping in less than 1 hour, which gave us time to hit McDonalds on the way home where she enjoyed some of their cinnamon pull-a-parts.

I hope my Christmas shopping with Alicia goes as quick!