$100 – Scott Nov15


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$100 – Scott


Scotland is such a cute little guy!  He has been extremely excited to go and do some Christmas shopping for our date.

FriendWe just started receiving The Friend and so we chose a story from there to read.  We read a page from Elder Nelson about missionary work, which turned into a nice discussion.  There was a line about the “Atonement”, which gave me a chance to Banana-Breadremind Scott of the definition of Christ’s sacrifice for us and what it means.  There was also a sentence about the “Restoration”, which opened into a good discussion about the importance of a living prophet with priesthood keys who receives revelation.

Before shopping we finished eating some banana bread that we had made last night.  Scott loves the banana bread I make and was excited to get a few pieces to start his day.

On the way to Walmart we brainstormed some ideas about what to get Aspen.  This year she is a little tricky to buy for.  We had an idea of getting her a bow and some arrows to shoot, since this seems to be a current trend thanks to Hunger Games.

PotOnce we got to the store we had fun roaming around and picking out some gifts that Scott is excited to gift.  The only one that I don’t have to keep a secret is that he bought his mom a huge crock pot.  Alicia is apart of a cooking group and ends Checkoutup making one meal each week for four different families, so she will be excited to have a huge crock pot.

Of course, I let Scott scan and purchase all of his gifts, which is fun for him to do.

When we got home we had some time left, which allowed us to get the presents wrapped.  Scott is now officially ready for Christmas!