$100 – Lola Nov22


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$100 – Lola


I just enjoyed another incredible FatherMoment with my baby girl, Lola Jean.  Something that I say a lot is, “Everyone needs a Lola Jean”.  She brightens my day.  Last night when I was putting her to bed I said, “Good night sweet pea.”  She Devotionalpaused for a moment and then said, “Hey dad, can you Bottlecall me baby?”  I thought it was cute.

Anyway, we started our date watching the newest movie about when Jesus referred to a child as the greatest in the kingdom of God.  Lola liked it, so we ended up watching it twice.  While we were at the computer we went back and looked at our last four dates.  I can’t believe that we are already on our 5th date.  The pace of time keeps picking up.

WrappingAfter our movie we went up to my room and got out all of the presents that Lola had picked up for her siblings.  She was actively engaged in helping to wrap the gifts.  I would cut the paper 90% of the way and then I would give the scissors to her to make the final cut.  She was in charge of getting the tape and for picking out the bows to put on top of the wrapped gifts.  Towards the end she was getting quite creative and she chopped up some wrapping paper intoDone oddly shaped strips and then randomly taped these onto one of the presents that was already nicely wrapped.  I have an OCD side of me that struggles with things that are out of order, so these dates are therapeutic for me as I allow my children to step outside of the boundaries.

I learned from our last date, that our FatherMoments don’t officially count unless we get a doughnut; so, we finished our date by heading to the grocery store where Lola was able to pick out a nice maple bar.  Maple bars happen to be my preference when I was a kid.

When pulled into our garage I reminded Lola to not tell anyone what she was giving them for Christmas so that it would be a surprise.  As soon as she got inside she announced to some of her siblings what she was gifting them.  Little kids just can’t keep a secret!

Last I should mention that a nice picture of Lola smiling that I could have used for the feature image on the homepage, but I much prefer her crazy looks!