$100 – Chase Nov29


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$100 – Chase


Today is Black Friday and Chase and I are ready to battle!

Okay, in reality neither of us are too into getting up early and fighting crowds just to save a few bucks.  For Christmas Chase and the kids really want a trampoline.  I am Cooperpersonally not excited about getting my children this gift.  I grew up mowing lawns as part of our family side business and I am very particular about my lawn.  Currently, I don’t have enough room in my backyard to put a tramp, plus my Trampbackyard is not flat; so, an uneven tramp that takes up the whole back yard and prevents the sprinklers from spraying the way they need to just doesn’t sit well with me.  Plus, I hate slowing down to move a tramp every week when the lawn gets mowed.  Anyway, enough whining… the kids want a tramp.

Since, I am not planning on getting them a tramp, Chase wanted to know if he could use his $100 budget to buy one.  Aspen was willing to throw in the money she has left over as well (about $50).  I couldn’t say, “No”.  The good news is that there was a good deal on a tramp at Sports Authority as part of their Black Friday sale.  They actually used the tramps as doorbusters on Thanksgiving night at 6:00 PM.  The part that I liked best is that they were smaller tramps, only 12′.  I figure that a smaller tramp would work better in our backyard.

ManThe date was nothing too exciting.  We simply drove down to Sports Authority in Orem and chatted along the way.  We brought Cooper with us so that Alicia could have a little break.  Although he is currently a handful in the stores, he was a lot of fun to have a long.  We were able to get the tramp as planned and we were even able to get a picture of the employee who helped haul it out to our car, which really embarrasses Chase.   Mission accomplished!

As we were driving home we made plans about the best way to gift it to the other kids.  Chase thought that it would be best to set it up in the backyard on Christmas Eve and then take them on the scavenger hunt the next morning that leads them to the prize.  The hard part will just be waiting until Christmas!  I have definitely found that this is one huge drawback of being done with Christmas shopping so early.  I am having the hardest time waiting!